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ELLEN ECKER OGDEN writes about food and gardens and is the author of five books, including:

kitchen garden Cover copyTHE COMPLETE KITCHEN GARDEN

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Published by Stewart, Tabori and Chang
15 Illustrated Theme Gardens with 100 Recipes

In my newest book, The Complete Kitchen Garden, you can choose from 15 themed kitchen garden designs, with complete planting plans, plant suggestions and recipes to spark your appetite.

Beautifully illustrated with 300 color photographs to show you step by step how to design, plant and harvest from your kitchen garden. 2011. Stewart, Tabori and Chang

Imagine a kitchen garden that reflects your personalty and style, is easy to maintain and overflows with the most flavorful home grown food. This book is a true resource for anyone who loves to cook and garden.

Here’s what the reviewers are saying:

With the resurgence of “growing your own,” this book couldn’t be more timely. From her years of experience and learning from other gardeners, Ellen Ogden shares a unique perspective on the kitchen garden. Recognizing that each garden and gardener is unique, Ogden gives us an assortment of garden designs that are suited to varying interests.

What I really love about this book is that it gives such a variety of designs that my kitchen garden can have a new look every year for the next fourteen years. That gets me excited about growing beans and peas again.

– Kylee Baumle for Horticulture Magazine:

For straightforward and lovely kitchen garden designs, along with helpful tips for companion plantings, consult Ellen Ecker Ogden’s COMPLETE KITCHEN GARDEN

New York Times Book Review

If your idea of a vegetable is a beautiful, whimsical space that not only provides food but is an oasis in your backyard, you’ll find inspiration in gardening guru Ellen Ecker Ogden’s latest book The Complete Kitchen Garden (Stewart, Tabori & Chang, March 2011). She includes 14 themed kitchen gardens, from a salad lover’s garden to a chef’s garden, along with garden plans, plant profiles and recipes to use up the harvest.

– Carolyn Malcoun, for Eating Well Magazine


Published with Harper Collins Publishers
125 seasonal recipes and stories about our farm.

From The Cooks Garden

The book is now out of print, but you can still order it online through Amazon used books. From The Cook’s Garden. It tells the story of our seed catalog, The Cook’s Garden, through recipes that were a main feature of the catalog and remarkable wood cut illustrations by Mary Azarian.

Deborah Madison, wrote in the forward to this book. ” Ellen Ogden’s recipes are one of the most delightful aspects of The Cooks Garden catalog. These recipes, which are entirely guided by the garden and choice of seeds that grow in it, bridge the gap between a dream on a page promised by a seed packet and how the seeds can be used in the kitchen.”



Published with Countryman Press

Tour Guide to Cheese Tasting and Selection

As a Vermonter, I am proud of our 42 cheese makers, and traveled the state to visit each and every one to write The Vermont Cheese Book published by Countryman Press,  I divided each chapter into counties, so when you visit Vermont you can both enjoy the landscape and taste the terroir. Color and black and white photos, paperback.  2007. Countryman Press. Read more here.