dibble or dibber from Gary's Rustic Workbench

My garden shed is the size of a chicken coop: small and efficient. The large garden tools hang from hooks around the upper beams, large nails protrude for all the bamboo hoops, and seedling trays are stacked neatly beneath the potting bench. Smaller tools, such as clippers, twine and my beloved garden dibble are tucked into a canvas bag so I can find them easily in the spring. The garden dibble is an old fashioned tool, which is invaluable to the kitchen gardener, yet hard to find. I use mine to mark the rows when planting a straight row of lettuce, or to poke into soft soil before transplanting young seedlings in a decorative pattern to be sure that I have the proper spacing. Keep them away from puppies and dogs that like to chew, as they will mistake them for a stick – as my dog did last spring. Sure, an ordinary stick works just as well, but why not use something that has a bit of charm. Here’s my source for authentic oak dibbles, which l make a nice gift for your gardening friends.

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